Under the label Watermen Productions, the two journalists and filmmakers Frank Dornberger and Max-Martin Bayer have been combining their passion for filmmaking for ten years.

Frank has been filming and taking pictures underwater for more than 20 years. He already worked as an editor for TV while studying journalism and communication sciences. Since graduating, he also writes for various magazines and newspapers, always with a focus on water sports, travel, leisure and adventure.

These topics captivated Max-Martin as well. His focus is on the areas of camera, aerial photography and editing. He studied digital film and animation and recently traveled five continents and 55 countries for a documentary.

Film and multimedia productions are our great passion. It does not matter where or in which dimensions the production takes place. Whether in the Congolese hinterland, in Icelandic volcanoes or in the Cenotes of Yucatan. In the field of documentation, we spare no effort to capture the best image.

When it comes to presenting a product, we work in the studio and prepare every setting meticulously to ensure the maximum in quality. However, we also devote ourselves to the subject of promotional and image film with the same degree of conscientiousness and devotion.